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UpAngle is a drone services provider specializing in video production, agricultural imaging to analyze crop health, and high-resolution mapping.

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UpAngle Drone Services started out 7 years ago building and flying drones for fun in Tri-Cities, WA. From the beginning, we had a vision of drones being used in ways that could change multiple industries.

Today, we use some of the most advanced commercial drone equipment on the market. Our experience puts us in front of the competition as we truly understand our drone equipment and their capabilities.

We've worked hard to build partnerships with growing companies in different business sectors and we continue to welcome new ideas from new clients. Our drone fleet is capable of imaging incredibly detailed topographical maps, capturing cinema grade commercial and professional video, safely inspecting objects/structures with a state of the art 30X optical zoom lens and flying multiple types of sensors including multi-spectral for agriculture.

We invest in commercial-grade UAS equipment which allows confidence for our remote operators AND our clients. We are fully insured and understand how to communicate with the FAA as well as possess the skills needed to successfully request and earn air space waivers. We are headquartered in Richland, WA and consist of 3 operating divisions: Video Productions, Mapping (includes aerial inspections), and Agriculture.


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Our broad range of services allows us to fluently work in several different industries. We have tons of experience imaging several types of vegetation to include most of our regional crop varieties. Our data can assist a grower in making proactive and more informed farming decisions as well as optimize their resource applications by integrating our data into their variable rate machinery. Our superior resolution for mapping projects allows our clients to do more with their data. From 2D orthomosaics to 3D models, we have the tech to help you tap into valuable data you may have never had access to or that was too costly to obtain at your desired frequency. Inside of our mapping division also includes our inspection capabilities. Countless applications for utilizing our 30X optical zoom sensor for the air exist. We can capture extreme detail on difficult to reach places and provide new perspectives for our clients.
Let's not forget where we started years ago. Aerial video is more in demand then ever and we can capture everything in 4k HD quality. We now film, edit, and create full video productions for our clients to be use in TV commerical spots, website content, and tons of social media uses. Photos have their time and place to be used, but no experience is as effective as watching a well produced video. We also offer cinema grade wedding films. Wedding films for us started as a request by a close a friend and has taken off ever since. It's not uncommon for our clients to tell us that choosing us to be their wedding videographer was the best decision they made with their wedding plans.

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