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GIS is a form of digital mapping technology. Kind of like Google Earth, but better.

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UpAngle’s mapping division develops top of the line 3D or 2D maps, by utilizing state of the art orthomosaic capturing drones. By helping to augment currently existing survey techniques, we’re able to develop and present fully integrated GCP locked orthomosaic maps which provide a perfect avenue for engineers to make decisions from easily and quickly. We know that 80% of the work an engineer does is in the field, gathering accurate data points so that their designs are perfect. We want to help reduce that so there's more time to perfect their vision.



Some mapping projects will require a licensed surveyor. UpAngle provides imagery data that is only survey accurate if validated by a licensed surveyor.

It's impossible to map out a route to your destination if you don't know where you're starting from.

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Are you forced to rely on old, outdated, satellite data for your maps? Don’t. UpAngle can get you extremely accurate real time mapping up to 2cm per pixel in real time. Quit wasting your time analyzing useless data that you’re just going to have to double check later. We can get you exactly the orthomosaic you’re looking for without having to go out and visually inspect the location on multiple occasions.
Our ability to stitch a minimum of 5 images over a segment of land allows us to confidently ensure that our maps are at the requested resolution. If you’re hoping to create a map that you can update as time allows, we’re able to attach Ground Control Points to our maps to ensure that the GIS integrity of each image remains, meaning that if you need to recreate maps we can overlay them precisely on the same gps coordinates.

Measure twice, Cut once.

Current models of surveying require engineers and support staff to spend substantial amounts of their time in the field, sometimes in incredibly unsafe environments and locations. UpAngle’s flight platforms have the capability of reducing this workflow considerably, using different payloads to create Ground Surface Model data of their targets to within a 4.5cm control level. This not only allows engineers to make smarter decisions about their designs, but also keeps them away from harmful locations that could put them or others at risk.
Our systems are capable of giving extremely accurate GSM data to help teams understand exactly what their input/output balance is to create a significant improvement in material transport and overall planning. After the data has been collected, GIS data can be included to create perfect maps for any teams working on projects in the allotted area. Oh, and we can also export whatever filetype you need to work with your existing system so you never have to worry about compatibility.

The prices of raw materials do not fluctuate directly with the labour cost of producing them.

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The raw material you’re holding in piles is essentially one massive pile of money. You want and need to know exactly how much you’re storing to ensure that you’re going to meet consumer demand. Traditionally, the method is slow, inaccurate, and unsafe, forcing surveyors to climb up on piles and using their equipment to calculate. That’s old school. We’re new school.
UpAngle’s equipment is able to fly over your material piles, spend 30-45 minutes in the air, and then within 24 hours come back with considerably more accurate measurements of the volume of your piles. All completed safely, without having to completely shut down operations and spend the extra time. Our volumetric service eliminates the unknown and sets you up for success from the very beginning.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected.

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Quality is a standard that every company strives to achieve at the highest level attainable. But sometimes, regardless of the amount of control you have, things fail. Routine inspection of various types of equipment out in the field is an absolute necessity for efficiency, control, and most of all, safety. But a lot of times, inspections can be a root cause for a failure in all three of those areas.
Our systems eliminate the need to have to wind back efficiencies, lose control, or put personnel in danger. By taking flight and using HD camera sensors, UpAngle is able to potentially get you an even better image of your at risk device than a typical inspector is able. Need to verify a crack in a dam isn’t developing? Done. Need to see if your windmill is operating at peak efficiency? Done. We can help you do all of that and more by simply helping you see the issue from a different perspective.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Licensed

We take safety and security seriously. UpAngle is legally licensed by the FAA to fly commercially under current UAS regulation. All of our pilots are licensed 107 commercial UAS operators. We also have liability insurance, allowing us to work with any and all clientele interested in drone services.

We're Perfectionists

We strive to capture the highest quality images available. We invest in top-grade sensors and UAVs to ensure we can offer the best content for our clients regardless of the scale of the project. We won’t be happy unless the image we take is exactly what’s going to help you make the right decision.

We Can Fly

No amateur drone equipment exists with team UpAngle. Our clients are often approached by others claiming to fly UAVs professionally, however, once they see our platforms their attitudes quickly change. Our professional grade sensors and platforms make other options seem outdated and unusable.

We understand Data

UpAngle understands the importance of having accurate data to make the right decision. Whether it be to accept an acreage measurement, honor an insurance claim, or order the correct length of rebar necessary, UpAngle can help you get the right data at the right time. We want to make sure that you’re confident and come back to us with future projects, so we’ll only walk away from a project with your complete satisfaction.

eBee Drone

UpAngle takes imaging seriously. Our primary flight platform for large scale mapping is the eBee drone, which has been designed to capture extremely high quality orthomosaic and 3D maps. The eBee can help you make the right decisions with ease. With it’s simple, but powerful payloads, the eBee can give you highly accurate imagery within a 3.5cm area of control.

Pix4D Mapper

Pix4Dmapper Pro gives us the capability to stitch together hundreds of images to create a high quality finalized DSM for your work flow. By using its capabilities we’re able to accurately develop 3D maps/tours, GSMs, Contour maps, and easily assess volumetric measurements of land/material. We’re able to output in any file type that will be easily usable in your existing eco structure, creating a seamless conversion from our systems to yours.

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