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He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.

L.P. Jacks
UpAngle Productions will take your ideas to the next level. What started as a passion for flight has turned into a love of film. Our endeavor is to create unique and superior productions by leveraging technology, such as our professional UAV and camera stabilization equipment. We will get the shot. No matter what.


Any filmmaking, any film is a collaborative process. There's always a lot of people working on things together.

Olivia Thirlby
We truly believe that extraordinary filmmaking is the product of passionate, content loving people. Our team is a perfect mix that creates a meld of technical ability, creativity, and drive. With experts in aerial piloting, cinematic shooting, and marketing, we are able to handle almost any situation. We've combined a group of skills to create the ideal team to make any request our only objective.
We'll shoot it all. Boats over the ocean? Done. Cars racing down mountain roads? Done. Runners jogging through a forest? Done. We're excited to see what our clients can come up with. Our systems set us up to be able to accomplish anything they can think of and create a project to meet their goals.

For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling.

Simon Mainwaring
Tired of wasting dollars on low quality marketing video ads? Let us prove you wrong about the power of video advertising. It doesn’t matter if your business marketing needs include major projects like TV commercials or if they're on a smaller scale like social media video content…. we’ve got you covered.
Eye-catching media content can help your business increase revenue, build and establish a brand, or simply expand your social media presence to reach even more potential customers. If you have a vision or an idea, be sure to contact us to see how we can make it a reality.

Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even though they rarely stick to their plan.

Winston Churchill
Construction companies have long been known to use low quality photos or timelapse videos to show off their work. That's sad. We're helping construction companies change that style of marketing by adding value through quality. We use our 4K sensors to show off all of the important moments during the build, working with the superintendents to make sure we don't miss anything.
The value of having high quality video has so many different benefits. For one, you've got high quality video that you can use to market your product. Two, you have video or photo evidence of different events along the build, meaning you have the legal backing to support a claim if necessary. And 3, you can use it with your team to help plan. Many of our clients go through our progress photo and video to analyze progress as a team and talk next steps.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Licensed

We take safety and security seriously. UpAngle is legally licensed by the FAA to fly commercially under current UAS regulation. All of our pilots are licensed 107 commercial UAS operators. We also have liability insurance, allowing us to work with any and all clientele interested in drone services.

We’re Creative

Don’t stress about creating the vision for your films. We excel at taking your ideas and creating unique and captivating films for your purpose. All of our videos are reviewed by the entire UpAngle team along with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction of our deliverables.

We’re Perfectionists

We strive to produce the highest quality films possible. We invest in top-grade production equipment to ensure we can offer the best content for our clients regardless of the scale of the project. Filming is always fun, but for team UpAngle it’s the editing process we really enjoy.

We can fly

No amateur drone equipment exists with team UpAngle. Our clients are often approached by others claiming to produce aerial film, however, once they see our equipment their attitudes quickly change. Our professional grade aerial platforms are capable of carrying different cameras and lenses which are commonly used for Hollywood films.

What people say

Justin and Bryan did an AMAZING job with my company's promotional video!! They were very accommodating to all of our requests and were always available and quick with responses when we had questions, and that is super important to me. They are so sweet and willing to do go out of their way to get a perfect shot(; Thank you both for everything!!

Krista Patterson - Northwest Paddleboarding

What people say

Nothing but good things to say about the guys at UpAngle. Have worked with them in the past and looking forward to working with them in the future. Very professional guys and the video they delivered exceeded our expectations. From our intial meetings through the final video proofs, couldn't ask for a better production company to work with!

Brandon Rehder - Hillco Technologies

What people say

It was awesome... Everyone at our meeting loved it and I noticed that several people even had tears in their eyes :)

Laura Dries, Andean Health Organization

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